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I’m Rachel Krasnow, and it’s a pleasure to say I’ve been working as the Health and Social Marketing intern at PN’s DC office for the past 10 weeks.  Time flies when you’re having fun… and working hard!  Although my internship officially ends in one week, I’ve got to a lot to say about my experience here.  At PN this summer, we’ve had a lot of laughs, a giant 6 foot map placed on my boss’ wall and the presence of Congress arguing about the debt ceiling just minutes away.


BACKGROUND: This fall, I’ll be a senior double major in Spanish and Journalism at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.  I’m from Ann Arbor, Michigan, and as you can see, I went from one Big Ten school to the other.  I’ve always loved to write- I began as a reporter at my college newspaper and gradually ‘crossed over’ to the other side.  I realized after interning at a public relations agency last summer that this is what I really want to do.

WHAT I LOVE: PORTER NOVELLI – that’s obvious, though.  I love my internship and the people I work with.  This has been the best working experience of my life, hands down.  Outside of work, I love to sing, write, dance and listen to good music (I’m an “old soul” according to one of my PN colleagues).  I like doing the right thing—which means spreading awareness on the diagnosis and treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and Medicare’s preventive services is right up my alley!

WHAT I DON’T LOVE: Not being busy and impatient journalists.

MY DREAM:  I want to work in public relations while utilizing my Spanish, communications skills and passion for human rights.


  1. I’m right in the midst of the nation’s capital. This means there is NEVER a dull moment.
  2. My HSM team, Kendra Kojcsich, Ken Sain, Rosy McGillan and Laura Hanssen are all AMAZING professionals (and fabulous role models).
  3. In the process of two and half months, I learned about 124673 different things.  I’ve seen how ‘real life’ public relations work.  I shook Michele Bachmann’s hand.  I’ve networked a LOT.  I’ve become an acronym expert: I know what RFP, DLD, NHLBI, COPD, CMS, HHS, SFI, IDIQ mean.  Most importantly, I’ve worked with talented professionals in the field, gotten valuable career advice, and have seen what it’s like to work at an award-winning public relations agency.

Look for my future posts as I share the wealth from DC!

-Rachel Krasnow

Words from the Wise at PN LA

As the only intern in the Los Angeles office, I’ve had the opportunity to work on both consumer and healthcare initiatives. However, the most valuable exercise I’ve done is talk to everyone in the office about their career path.
Here are five pieces of valuable advice for any PR intern from the good people here at PN LA:

  • Be your own advocate. An account executive told me that only you can speak out for your strengths, limitations, needs, etc… A VP added, “Communication is the key to all the teamwork required in this, and for any other, business! Take advantage of the resources around you.”
  • Take every task as a learning experience. Sometimes, the work that’s assigned to anyone from interns to account supervisors isn’t the most fabulous or glamorous – but take it upon yourself to look for the opportunity to grow from it.
  • Don’t postpone joy. Yes, work hard, it’s the only way to get ahead and get the most out of your job and yourself, but according to this VP, a little laughter makes the journey much better.
  • Ask questions. Inquisitiveness is necessary for a good PR professional. Wanting to know more – and asking for more responsibility – is a sign of enthusiasm and investment in your craft.
  • Appreciate the highs and lows. Sometimes, business can be crazy and hectic and stressful. Other times, the day can be slow. Showing adaptability as well as a calm demeanor through thick and thin will make you last and appreciate life at an agency.

-Clare Sayas, Porter Novelli Los Angeles