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The Search for True Love

In my years of internship experience, I have often wrestled with one question: what is the key to loving what you do? I know that I love PR in and of itself—writing, media relations, creating—so I’ve never doubted that I chose the right field. The main question I ponder is if it is more important to love the clients you represent, the tasks you are completing or the people you work with?

My past internships included a little bit of everything—from working with a client I loved but doing very little real PR work to doing tons of traditional PR work for clients that didn’t exactly pique my interest. One thing I have found at PN, is a great combination of clients I can easily get excited about and ones that require a bit more learning to fully understand. But ultimately, it is the culture of our office and the professionals I am surrounded by every day that get me excited about coming to work every morning.

I believe that a major part of PR is learning—if you ever stop learning at your job, it’s probably time to move on.  A challenge keeps you fresh and whether it’s learning new skills or learning about new industries, agency work has a way of keeping you on your toes. A major part of my PN internship has been learning new industries and applying my skills to new fields.

A firm or corporation is far more likely to be successful when its employees are satisfied. A corporate culture that I can mesh with is something that I have come to value more and more the longer I am in the working world. I feel very lucky to have found a firm where playing kickball, being on walking teams and having spontaneous fun are not such foreign ideas.

You spend a majority of your time at work, so it’s important to enjoy—dare I say love—it. Everyone looks for different things in a job, and like me, for most it is probably a combination of factors that make the job a good fit. As you begin looking for jobs and internships, it is important to know what you are looking for. For me, doing valuable PR work with people I enjoy working with and a sprinkling of cool clients is the perfect equation. What’s yours?

By: Amanda Coppock